My Movies Data Importer


The My Movies Data Importer allows you to convert your data from various application to your My Movies user account, and use your collection with the My Movies product suite for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android.

The applications in the My Movies application suite synchronizes data with your user account, though our online servers. The titles you import from other applications are not imported with the specific data from the application, but instead, unique identifications such as barcode and imdb id's is used to match your existing titles to the corresponding profiles in the My Movies service.

Your personal data, such notes and as purchase information where available in the application you import from will be imported into your My Movies user account. Your collection is automatically synchronized to the My Movies applications on Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android when logging into your user account from these softwares, while you on Windows must synchronize your collection from the a menu item (See details here).

Titles not imported

There may be one or more titles in your collection that cannot be located in the My Movies service, either because it lacks unique identifiers such as barcode or imdb id, because of invalid barcodes, or because the title simply does not exist in our service.

At the end of the import, you will get a result list of titles imported, as well as a list of titles that were not imported. Titles that were not imported can be reported as missing though the iPhone, iPad or Android applications, or created and contributed through the Windows or Mac applications. Please contact our support if you have any questions on this topic.


The import is meant as a method of fully switching your collection to My Movies, allowing you to abandon your current application, which means that the import will clear your collection when the import starts - it currently cannot be used to append data to an existing collection.

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